Beyond best practices and bringing standards to acting education, AACE is a community, where coaches and educators can share, learn and grow together.

Together we can make acting training safer for everyone!

All AACE members sign the Code of Conduct, which is a set of voluntary commitments developed by the AACE Steering Committee representing performers and workers in the entertainment industry. Each Acting Coach or Educator is responsible for upholding their commitments under the Code and their obligations under the law.

We invite all acting coaches and educators with over 2 years of teaching experience to apply to ACCE. Also did we mention that there is no fee to join! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions at

*Please note – All coaches/educators working in a studio or school must apply individually. This is because many coaches/educators work in multiple studios/schools while maintaining a private practice. The Steering Committee is in conversation with acting studios and schools to see how they become AACE industry partners in the near future.

How to Apply

  1. Fill in the AACE Application form
  2. Read and incorporate into your teaching the best practices and standards outlined in the AACE Member Guide
  3. A cover letter which tells the committee a bit about your story, your history, your areas of specialization, why you are a teacher/coach and your experience.
  4. Your teaching CV/Resume – that indicates that you have been teaching for more than 2 years.
  5. Sign, date and return the AACE Code of Conduct for Acting Coaches and Educators.
  6. Supply 3 letters of reference addressed to the AACE Steering Committee;
    • 2 letters of reference for AACE should be from non-clients/students; casting director, director, producer, or talent agent.
    • 1 letter/testimonial for AACE from a recent student
      • Please provide contact information for all references as they may be contacted by the vetting committee.
  7. Provide proof of completed *sector-specific courses, within the last 5 years, in a minimum of 2 different areas.
    • Areas include; Anti-harassment, Anti-bullying, Anti-oppression/Inclusion, Mental Health, Respect/Consent based training, Intimacy Basics for the Educator.
    • Courses is a broad term that includes; workshops, panel presentations, and lectures whether they be in person, pre-recorded or online that have helped you increase your knowledge and awareness about respectfully guiding performers.
    • Proof may include; certificate of completion, email confirmation from the course provider, paragraph with take-aways or other correspondence with the course provider.
      • if you watch a webinar or pre-recorded lecture, a short paragraph with some of your take-aways will qualify as proof. *Only one of these will be accepted as the required two courses.

What are sector specific courses?

Acting training or coaching is a very specific sub-sect of the entertainment industry. The teaching environment is different than other teaching environments because inherent in the acting practice is the exploration of the self and deeply personal connections. This means that educators and coaches need specialized training that directly reflects the specific aspects of acting teaching that arise. AACE members must seek out education for themselves that address their specialized field. AACE is committed to helping coaches and educators find these educational opportunities through our industry partners. You can also see our current list on our resources page.

All supporting documents should be sent