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Information is power. Coaches and educators have power, but so must students and performers. The power to speak up, express what they need and how they feel. Both need trust and respect – power together – to achieve growth and learning. By training with a coach committed to respect based learning there is mutual understanding that personal boundaries are respected and your coach is committed to holding themselves accountable to industry best practices. We encourage you to read the guide and the code so that you are informed about what respect based training means. Also you may find our Educational Resources helpful. You can find them here.

AACE Members have committed to their ongoing sector-specific education in training actors as well as signing the Code of Conductwhich is a set of voluntary commitments developed by the AACE Steering Committee, representing performers and workers in the entertainment industry.


The Code represents a set of voluntary commitments developed by the AACE Steering Committee that foster a respectful learning culture of consent-based interactions to help prevent harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence. All AACE members sign the Code of Conductand are expected to develop policies and practices that uphold their commitments and their obligations under the law.

How Coaches and Educators should implement The Code

    • Part of an AACE members responsibility is to enact Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures to guide expectations and foster a safe and positive environment for all. 
    • The complaint process should be safe and impartial. It should include a process for reporting incidents when the problem is the owner of the studio or lead instructor. All coaches and educators whether private or part of a studio/school should have some form of reporting and clearly indicate that to their students.
    • Any policy should clearly state that there is protection from reprisal and anyone should be able to raise concerns about coaches and educators without fear of retaliation. 

If you are a performer or parent of a performer looking for an Acting Coach or Educator, the AACE Member Guide will help you to know what is okay and what is not okay. It can help you make informed choices when seeking acting classes, coaching sessions or assistance with audition self-tapes, by giving you a better understanding of what is expected of a quality educator and what are considered industry standards. Like all good resources, we hope you will refer to the guide frequently.

Where can we go for more information and support?

Whether you are an Acting Coach, Educator, student in a coaching or audition environment, the AACE Member Guide is a reminder that you are not alone. If something doesn’t feel right for you, it likely doesn’t feel right for others. The following are some resources to help.

You can always reach out to us at –


AACE’s mission is to build community, provide educational opportunities and encourage adoption of a code of conduct by acting coaches and educators. Membership in AACE is voluntary and free. AACE members make a commitment to ongoing education and to upholding the AACE Code of Conduct to the best of their ability by being respectful, accountable, and honest as well as by offering a learning environment free of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence. AACE coaches have met all the outlined criteria for membership. Information provided by AACE on this website is for informational purposes only. AACE does not provide any professional or other services for or on behalf of its members or perform any duty owed by an AACE member to another person. AACE does not make any representations or guarantees with respect to the provision of coaching or educational services by members. AACE and its founders and partners assume no responsibility or liability for the services provided by any member coach or educator and AACE encourages actors to do their own due diligence and seek advice prior to engaging the services of any acting coach or educator.