Our Story

Got Your Back Acting Educators Conference May 2019 – Tarragon Theatre, Toronto

How We Began

The Creative Industries in Canada can be very proud of the work we have done together to change the culture of bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and violence in our workplaces. Many of our industry partners came together to develop codes, policies, reporting mechanisms and educational resources that changed the collective culture in our workplace. 

After #MeToo many brave students and former students came forward to shine a light on problems in education, coaching and self-tape environments. It became clear that there was more work to do. In 2018  Got Your Back (GYB) created a National Acting Training Survey with over 500 students’ responses. A strong recommendation from the survey was to establish an Association to provide oversight, guidance, community and educational resources for Acting Coaches and Educators in Canada.

Association of Acting Coaches and Educators (AACE) started by gathering together concerned industry partners, knowledgeable and dedicated educators and students from the community. A steering committee was built with representatives from; ACTRA, CAEA, The CDC, The EIC, TAMAC, GYB, Keep Actors Safe, Acting in Good Company, Schools/Studios, coaches and educators who created an industry code of Code of Conduct, AACE Member guide and Application process. The creation of AACE will help bring oversight and best practices to the sector for students and parents, but it will also create a much needed community where coaches and educators can learn, share and grow together.  

AACE members have made a positive commitment to work together to educate, support each other and create a safer work environment for both students and coaches.