AACE knows that while education is what we do, educating ourselves has not always been a focus. Ensuring that all coaches and educators understand basics in; intimacy, consent, mental health, anti-harassment, and discrimination as it relates to the acting classroom is a collective responsibility and will make the sector safer and more accountable. AACE members commit to their ongoing education, because increased awareness makes for better more inclusive teaching. 

AACE commits to creating and sourcing sector specific educational opportunities geared toward the specific nature of acting training. Through workshops, courses and conferences, AACE will make the education of ourselves a priority.

Upcoming Workshops

  The antidote to discrimination is not more shame, it’s conversation. 

     Navigating the entertainment industry while maintaining an integral sense of self can be challenging at the best of times. As a a queer, transgender human myself, I have experienced first hand how classrooms, film set environments, and other educational platforms, still greatly lack the tools, language, inclusion/opportunies and awareness needed to catalyze helpful change. In order for actors to embody characters/roles in a way that feels honest and respectful to who they truly are, they need the right support to do so. 

The intention of this workshop is to create a space for an open, judgment free discussion surrounding how we, as acting coaches and educators, can create an environment for all students to feel not only safe, but also fully seen in their identity. The workshop will include sharing my own perspective of transgender/non-binary specific education, as well as the tools I’ve gathered from learning how to advocate for myself in the industry. The other half of our time will be spent in a round-table style discussion, where any and all well-intentioned questions are welcomed. I love holding these conversations. When learning can take place in a judgment free environment, true awareness can grow, which is then applied to how you are able to show up differently as a teacher and educator. 

      It is powerful to come together with curiosity, creativity and an intention of honesty.

REGISTER HERE – Email: august.m.winter@gmail.com to reserve your spot!


When: Saturday, September 24 from 10am-12pm EST + Wednesday, October 5 from 6pm-8pm EST 

Class length: 2 hours. I will be staying on after the formal time slot for any further discussion, or to hold space for everyone to share thoughts and be in community. 

Capacity: 10-15 students with the intention of limiting numbers for a sense of intimacy. Cap at 20. Where: Zoom! 

Cost: $35.00 for AACE members, $65.00 for non-members. **sliding scale available if the amount is a barrier. Reach out to me directly to arrange another option. 

Payment: Payment can be made via e transfer to the address above. A zoom link will be sent upon receipt of payment.

August Winter, (they/them), has spent 20 years as an actor in the theatre/film/tv industry, and 6 years  as a coach at LB Acting studio. They are currently pursuing new ways to create and facilitate meaningful conversations around diversity within the profession of storytelling. August’s desire is that all artists have the chance to tell the most truthful stories possible, which means first and foremost, feeling safe enough to show up in their work environment. 

Safer Artistic Spaces was created by The Dandelion Initiative in response to the normalized patterns of sexism, harassment, and violence within creative arts spaces. Their unique and specific content blends survivor-centred education with industry-specific intervention skills, creating opportunities for meaningful individual and cultural change. They facilitate opportunities for learners to recognize, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment and gender-based violence through an online learning session of 3.5 hours with two breaks.

The workshop uses an intersectional feminist and trauma-informed approach, which fosters a learning environment for diverse folks to participate in meaningful ways. A practice workbook, feedback forms, and additional resources will be provided. Learners will have opportunities to uproot rape culture and develop critical skills to prevent and respond to gender-based violence and inequity.

Who should take this workshop?

We offer this training at no cost to anyone who self-identifies as working in a leadership position in the arts sector. We encourage folks in roles such as directors, department heads, choreographers, producers, presenters, production managers, music directors, band leaders, technical directors, stage managers, and more to register for this workshop.

Registration closes on October 13, 2022 at 5 pm (ET.)

Accessibility: ASL interpretation, closed captions.

Course is free and counts towards AACE membership

We are excited to share with you this new course offering from Intimacy Professional, Siobhan Richardson! This course is similar to the one we offered with her before, so is appropriate for coaches and educators who want to have a primer on the new industry intimacy standards and how to bring those into the classroom.

This course qualifies for your AACE membership application!

She is also offering a promo code to get 50% off until Friday June 10 – Promo code: FIRSTACCESS Click here to find out more and to register!

5 Digital Workshops From Theatrical Intimacy

National Society of Intimacy Professionals (NSIP)


We are excited to introduce you to an educational opportunity facilitated by Intimacy Coordinators Canada, in a collaboration with the AACE.

Intimacy Coordinators Canada is the only Canadian IC training program accredited by SAG AFTRA. We know this course will be invaluable for those wishing to enhance their skills and will count as a course requirement towards full AACE membership.

15% discount for AACE members with code AACE15


AACE & ACTRA Toronto have partnered with Siobhan Richardson to offer AACE coaches respect-based intimacy training as part of their ongoing education as AACE members.

Intimacy in the Classroom An intensive course for Coaches/Educators with Intimacy Professional Siobhan Richardson 

Only $20 + HST

February 8th – Tuesday – SOLD OUT

February 17th – Thursday – WAIT LIST